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Zero to Hero Program

For Coaches, Therapists and Experts

From ZERO visibility and sales to the HERO expert of your niche, with our STEP-BY-STEP program.

Our promise: Scale your coaching business to 5-figures in just 90 days, or we will work with you until you do!

Receive a free analysis in 15 min to see if our program can transform your business:

What is the
Zero to Hero Program?

Made just for you

Personalized business plan tailored to your specific coaching niche and goals. Based on your existing knowledge, skills, and passions.

Financial freedom

Achieve financial freedom over time with your passion. Increase your monthly sales to $20,000 and more. 

Work from anywhere

Work 100% remote, without any office needed, so you can finally live life on your own terms.

Step-by-step tasks

We will provide you easy to follow step-by-step chronological tasks, based on our entire proven 5-figure marketing strategy and structure.

Start where you are

Start scaling your existing coaching business now, all you need is a proven plan.

Everyone can do it

You can be a coach, therapist or consultant – our plan works for different groups! The most important thing is to stop waiting and finally start.

Learn how to monetize your knowledge and experience:

What are the next steps?

ask yourself

What can our Zero to Hero Program change for you?

Business Growth

Without help

You stick to what you have always been doing and don't know how to get more clients.

Zero to Hero

Start using new proven methods to grow your business and reach your goals.

Finance and Income

Without help

You have no clients and keep wasting your money on things that don't really grow your business.

Heroes® Plan

Learn to increase sales and focus on building an online empire.


Without help

You feel overwhelmed with where to start & how to grow.

Heroes® Plan

You get a strategy that is tailored to you and proven to provide you real results.


Without help

You are alone with your problems and unsure why your sales aren't growing.

Heroes® Plan

We're there to provide guidance and help you achieve your sales goals.

Why will our plan work for you?


You will receive my own practical advice on how you can narrow YOUR EXISTING BRAND down, craft YOUR brand story so people can relate to you, and become more specific so you finally attract THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

You will be building strong relationships with your actual followers + store visitors and interact with them daily. (free templates inside!) and be given binge-able content ideas that will get them to come back for more every single day. No more guesswork. You will learn who they are, what they want and how they feel. 


You will learn how to build a strong relationship with your audience and followers. You’ll discover what products (digital or physical) they REALLY WANT.

so you can build a starving crowd of hungry buyers. Learn how to launch your products and get them waiting, begging for your products to be released so they can buy them!


You’ll become AN ABSOLUTE SEO expert. You will implement and finally master email + sms marketing. Get your hands on my email sequences templates and start sending emails that ppl can’t wait to open and read + convert. You will learn how to launch your blog and optimising it for SEO so you can start attracting FREE traffic in. Influencers, HARO media, Collabs, Theme Page, Press, I’ll explain everything.

You’ll learn how to promote your products THE RIGHT WAY on social media, and how to sell without being salesy or sending offers all day long! You will learn fun marketing ideas to launch to keep your audience active and super interested.


The goal is to bring your store to 5/10%+ conversion rate. You will be improving your creatives, pictures, videos content, sections of your store and be looking at your actual CTR and improving it through clear actions.

You will be optimising your product pages and turn them into money-making machines, by adding necessary marketing strategies. You will increase AOV (Average Order Value) and get existing customers to keep coming back for more! Product descriptions won’t have anymore secrets for you!

Client Story

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We were where you are now

We started from nothing...
and now running multiple 6 - figure businesses!

Aya is a mom of 2, who built her business from scratch, working from home, and is now running several 6 figure online businesses.

Martin was struggling to grow his coaching business and wanted to leave his 9-5 job. Everything changed when he started using this exact business plan.

We’re on a mission to assist ambitious small business owners and coaches in transforming their passions into thriving online stores.

We totally understand the challenges of transitioning from 9-5 jobs to becoming your own boss, which is why we decided to share our proven plan and help you! We provide highly personalized coaching and guidance to support you at every stage of your journey.

zero to hero plan

How can Heroes® help you?

With our 90-day plan, we collaborate with you and create tailored strategies that harness your skills, experiences, and even your personal challenges to monetize your skills and knowledge.

We develop personalized content and strategies for you, including a complete marketing plan, lead magnets, brand storytelling, mission and values, and facebook group strategy.

Together, we’ll execute a robust strategy and rapidly lift your business off the ground. We craft a clear roadmap to reach $20.000 or more monthly revenue.

We provide unwavering support and guidance throughout your journey, with continuous communication. Each business is a personal challenge for us, and we won’t stop until we’ve achieved success.

So, if you’re ready to take charge of your financial future and transform your passion and knowledge into a thriving online business, we’re here to help!

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8-figure online store

7-figure online store

7-figure online store

7-figure online store

What exactly will you get?

Your 90 DAYS ACTION PLAN contains detailed daily tasks to complete every day as well as following materials: 

  1. Your perfect niche and product/service finder

  2. Unique selling point creator: why is your product/service better than others?

  3. Brand mission template made for your business

  4. Branding Kit Template

  5. “Finding the problem you solve” template

  6. Analysis of your target audience + Template

  7. Digital product ideas (with pros and cons)

  8. Physical product ideas (with pros and cons)

  9. Winning product creator formula

  10. Best product description template

  11. Your story template

  12. Email Marketing strategy + Checklist

  13. Lead magnet ideas to grow Email database

  14. Email Subject lines that convert

  15. Welcome Email flow

  16. Abandoned Cart Email flow

  17. Post purchase Email flow

  18. SMS marketing sequences

  19. Caption ideas for your social media

  20. Etsy Shop Announcement

  21. Landing page CRO guidelines 

  22. Strategy for easy selling on social media

  23. Market Research Survey + Template

  24. Hooks & Headlines Ideas

  25. Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Stories

  26. Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Reels

  27. Your personal SEO checklist

  28. Custom made Etsy SEO strategy

  29. Home page checklist

  30. Landing page checklist

  31. Product page checklist

  32. Customized FAQ template

  33. Press Coverage Pitch Template

  34. Reviews Collector strategy

  35. List of recommended AI tools to optimize your business

    [and much, much more…]

Help and Support

Our promise: We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Book a call if you have any additional questions or send us an Email. We are happy to help you!

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Still got questions?

We put together a list of common questions and answers that will help you get started.

How long does it take to see results with the Zero to Hero Plan?

A: Zero to Hero Plan is designed to help you see results fast, with sales increasing your revenue from zero to $20.000 and more over a 90-day period. Nevertheless, the timeframe for achieving these results can fluctuate based on your individual attributes and the time you take daily to work on your plan, factors unique to your niche, products, market dynamics and sales circumstances.

Who is the Zero to Hero Plan for?

A: Our Zero to Hero Plan works best for motivated and determined coaches and experts, selling their services, knowledge and expertise.

Is every Zero to Hero Plan different?

A: Our plan is customized to fit your particular niche and sales circumstances, making each plan different and unique. It is designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, across various markets, niches, and types.

We’re working with you to understand your unique business needs and goals, and we’ll spend a large amount of time auditing your offer, your marketing strategy, the way you market your service, your niche, your market, your audience.

Is Zero to Hero Plan a one-time purchase, or an ongoing subscription?

A: Our Zero to Hero Plan is a one-time purchase that includes personalized tasks and ongoing support to help you achieve your sales goals and grow your business. There are no recurring fees or subscriptions, but monthly installments are available.

How do I get started with Zero to Hero Plan?

A: To get started, you have two options: either schedule a consultation call with our team, or send the application now and join the process. During our consultation, we’ll delve into your business objectives and what you aim to accomplish with the plan.

Following this, you’ll be directed to a Questionary Form, which provides us the necessary insights.

Using the information gathered, we’ll craft a personalized plan meticulously tailored to your niche, products, and sales circumstances.

How long does it take to receive a Zero to Hero Plan after I sign up?

A: As soon as you complete the questionary form, we’ll start the creation of your personalized plan. Generally, the process takes around seven to ten working days, after which we’ll send the finalized plan directly to you.

What kind of ongoing support is included with the Zero to Hero Plan?

A: Our zero to Hero Plan offers continuous support and motivation to keep you on track with your sales goals whenever you require it. This encompasses e-mail support, support within our closed facebook group, and the availability of additional clarifications as necessary. We’ll share our WhatsApp number, ensuring you can stay in direct contact with us throughout the entire process.

Can I use the Zero to Hero Plan if I'm not very tech-savvy?

A: Certainly! The Zero to Hero Plan is intentionally crafted to be straightforward and user-friendly, irrespective of your technical proficiency. We always provide clear and detailed step-by-step instructions for every task, and our team is readily available to address any questions you might encounter.

Have everybody reached $20.000 in 90 days with the Zero to Hero Plan?

A: Absolutely! A few of our mentees have already achieved a sales of approximately 30k with their facebook group alone. These results have been attained without the implementation of a web page or sales funnel, so there is a lot of potential to grow left.

I'm just starting out and don't have an offer yet - will the Zero to Hero Plan still work for me?

A: Certainly, and here’s an added benefit:

Getting started early can prevent typical mistakes and establish a strong foundation for your business right from the start. This way, you won’t find yourself spending money and time on things you don’t need, or starting anew down the road. So, don’t delay – take action today by sending us an application!

I'm in a Unique Niche - Can I still use Zero to Hero Plan?

A: Yes – we’ll customize our proven strategy to align with your unique niche and develop and offer adjusted to market dynamics of your markt and customize your plan accordingly.

Do I need to have my offer ready before signing up?

A: No, don’t worry! We meet you at your current stage, so if you’re starting from the ground up, we’ll guide you through the offer creation process step by step.

We’ll provide precise instructions on what to do, how to do it, help you set prices and the optimal timing for planning and crafting the ideal offer, tailored to your target audience, niche, and market.

I’ve still got some questions...

A: Well, let us take care of that! 

Simply send us an email (hello@heroes-agency.com) and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

* Client success is the outcome of many factors, some of which lie beyond our control. They include client’s commitment to the plan, the timing of their start, their daily effort invested, level of focus and determination, individual circumstances, content quality, pricing, and profit strategies. It’s important to note that results vary for each client. Our Zero to Hero Plan represents a personalized blueprint developed and successfully implemented by Aya and Martin, serving as a live proof to its effectiveness.

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