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Results Focused Digital Marketing for Coaches and Experts

Are you struggling to grow your coaching business and get customers?

Your problems are finally over: The Heroes® are here to help!

We support our selected customers with:

Email Marketing:

We build automated flows and engaging newsletter campaigns to reach wide audience, nurture customer relationships and achieve a high return on investment (ROI).

Facebook and Instagram Ads:

Our strategically designed campaigns will become your money-making machine, providing you with precise targeting, extensive reach, measurable results, and a high potential for generating profitable returns on investment.


What our customers say

Converting our culinary expertise into a digital cookbook allowed us to build an email list. Through this list, we could regularly update and engage with our customers. This increased our online visibility and enabled us to drive additional sales by sharing special offers, new recipes, and culinary updates with our subscribers. This resulted in stronger customer loyalty and a remarkable 47% increase in revenue in the third month.

Thomas Balturo

Agritourismo Los Lobos

The Heroes Agency has delivered significant enhancements to our B2B company. Ayas targeted online marketing initiatives and tailor-made email campaigns have attract qualified business clients, resulting in an astounding 75% surge in revenue. This not only led to a substantial revenue boost but also fortified our business relationships. Our online presence received a strategic overhaul, significantly increasing our visibility within the industry. The ROI was in the first two months only with the new digital products.

Wolfgang Header


Working with Aya and Martin at Heroes Agency has been a game-changer. They immediately grasped our company's philosophy and brought fresh, innovative ideas to the table. Their tailored online strategy for our new product launch not only aligned perfectly with our brand but also resulted in a substantial increase in our online customer base and sales. They make you feel like a valued partner, and their expertise is unmatched. Highly recommend!

Andy Marsh


The 3 biggest mistakes most coaches and experts make

Working with coaches and with our own online business for the past 7 years, we’ve learned that most business-killing mistakes boil down to the basics.

If you don’t have a functional digital strategy in place, your business is not going to reach its full potential in terms of sales and profits.

Far from it, in fact.

After reviewing dozens of online businesses we’ve noticed that almost ALL of them are making the same 3 mistakes.

Useless Strategy

Wrong offer and no strategy in place result in no clients.

No Automations

No automated Email marketing and lead magnet in place.

Ineffective Facebook Ads

Wasting money on ineffective Facebook ads.

Why people won't turn into your customers?


Your offer is not shown to the right customers, because you have no solid marketing plan in place. 

Your offer

Your offer isn’t perceived as valuable to your customers. You don’t have a good lead magnet and a well thought high ticket offer to grow your business.

No community

Your potential customers don’t know you and don’t trust you enough to purchase from you. You are not focused on building a community who’ll be interested in buying your expertise or service.


How do we create amazing results for our customers?

Digital Strategy

Other agencies

No real strategy is made, they just want to sell their services.


We develop a result focused strategy allowing to grow a community and scale your business quickly.

Email Marketing

Other agencies

Not customized, no Email marketing automations, no segmentation.


Individually developed for your business. Intelligent automations save time and boost profits.

Landing Page

Other agencies

Bad quality, no testing, must-have elements are missing. Too complicated and confusing.


Landing page is built in a way to support our proven strategy and get you real results fast.

Facebook Ads

Other agencies

Lowest effort possible. Ads don't work, low-quality leads, you are loosing money.


Profit first - we work on your campaigns as long it's needed to see success.

4.97 based on 621 reviews

What are the

next steps?

@andydiemer · Oct 17, 2023

Bravo @heroes – absolutely amazing results in just 3 months: the added value here is off the charts! Keep the good work! 

Andy Diemer

Breathwork Coach

Our Portfolio

Yoga Hero

We enhanced digital presence for Yoga Hero. Our comprehensive approach included creating a new branding strategy and website, deploying precise email marketing flows and newsletter strategies, and running strategic Facebook ad campaigns. This concerted effort led to an astounding 400% boost in their return on investment (ROI).

Silky Teeth

We collaborated with Silky Teeth to enhance their digital marketing efforts. Our focus was on building effective email marketing flows that engaged their audience, increased brand visibility, and drove conversions. As a result, Silky Teeth experienced 300% growth in customer engagement and sales, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored email marketing solutions.”


We’ve created a minimalist yet powerful branding and website that combines elegance, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Our design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, with a harmonious color scheme and thoughtful typography enhancing the user experience. This intuitive and responsive platform ensures seamless navigation across all devices, making every interaction a delight.

Paws n Claws

We teamed up with Paws n Claws to enhance their digital marketing efforts. We crafted beautiful and highly effective email marketing flows and engaging weekly newsletter campaigns, resulting in a significant uptick in customer engagement and conversions. Paws n Claws saw significant growth in brand visibility and a 200% increase in online sales, demonstrating the success of our comprehensive email marketing strategies.

The Power of Daily Love

For The Power of Daily Love we designed a complete digital strategy, including the creation of enticing digital products as lead magnets. We revamped her online presence with a new, engaging landing page and executed a highly targeted Facebook ads campaign. This concerted effort led to an astounding 1800% increase in lead generation and a remarkable 500% growth in profits, underlining the tangible impact of our comprehensive digital strategy and expertise.

Tula Skincare

We partnered with Tula Skincare to optimize their email marketing strategy. Through our visually appealing email marketing flows, we helped Tula Skincare enhance customer engagement, drive conversions, and strengthen brand loyalty, resulting in substantial growth in their online presence and customer base, resulting in profit growth of 250%.


Your specialists for online growth

Aya is an experienced marketing expert with a passion for digital marketing and online communication. She has worked in various industries, successfully built her own online store, and specializes in developing effective online marketing strategies to help businesses succeed online.

Martin brings forth a wealth of coaching and mentoring experience, honed through two decades of service in a special forces team. Leveraging his profound understanding of success dynamics, he empowers high-achievers to optimize their mindset, cultivate impactful leadership abilities, and fortify team dynamics.

Together, Aya and Martin form a dynamic team that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and coaches optimize their online presence, attract customers, and successfully expand their businesses.

Why does Heroes® enjoy the loyalty of more than 500+ satisfied customers?

4.97 based on 621 reviews
John Kaparsky · Oct, 2023

I want to share my enthusiastic experience with Heroes Agency, a true powerhouse in digital marketing. Their skills in crafting email flows, creating exciting landing pages, and executing highly effective email marketing strategies have not only transformed my business but also delivered an unparalleled value.

Thanks to their remarkable work, my revenue has increased by an incredible 80%. Heroes Agency brings more than just promises; they deliver measurable results that have far exceeded my expectations.

John Kaparsky

food service provider, www.the-steakhouse.com

Celine Trace · Oct 21, 2023

Heroes Agency – A Digital Marvel! 🚀

Being a therapist, I had my doubts about the potential of digital marketing. I always thought it was an impossible feat for my practice. But then, I crossed paths with Heroes Agency, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary!

Since partnering with them, I’ve experienced a surge in my online presence that I couldn’t have imagined. What’s even more impressive is that I now receive 2-3 qualified inquiries every day. It’s like they’ve unlocked a whole new dimension for my practice!

Heroes Agency, you’ve not only proven me wrong but also exceeded my expectations. Your digital marketing prowess has transformed my business and connected me with clients I never thought I’d reach.

With immense gratitude,

Celine Trace

family therapist, www.tracingfamily.com

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4.97 based on 621 reviews

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7-figure online store

7-figure online store

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