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7-Day Hero Challenge

Welcome to our 7-Day Free Challenge, designed to guide you step-by-step in transforming your business strategy,
developing a premium offer, and attracting high-paying clients.

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Learn to create and generate big profits with digital products

Discover how to design and successfully upsell a digital product that’s expertly aligned with your niche, enabling you to boost your profits while sidestepping the hurdles of inventory management, dealing with high margins, and navigating shipping expenses.

How can digital product increase your online shop profit at no cost?

Welcome to the new era of online shops!

Boost your annual revenue by at least $100.000 just by adding a digital product to your online shop

Discover the undisclosed secret transforming the
E-commerce world!

How can upselling digital products unlock massive profits?


Physical Products

High costs for shipping and returns, material, production and warehousing.

Digital Products

High profits: creation of digital products is free and also zero costs for each additional unit sold.


Physical Products

Scaling physical products is difficult and limited. When you run out of stock sales aren't possible.

Digital Products

You can easily sell as many digital products as possible. Create it once and sell it forever.


Physical Products

Your profits must be reinvested in buying new stock and covering warehousing costs. Some products don't sell well.

Digital Products

Digital products are always available, eliminating the need for restocking. There is no inventory and no warehousing.


Physical Products

There are growing costs for shipping and returns, as well as packaging costs. Logistic challenges may arise. It is challenging to sell worldwide.

Digital Products

Shipping and delivery process is automatic and free. They can immediately be delivered worldwide without shipping. No cost for packaging.

4.97 based on 621 reviews

Create a unique digital product for every niche!

See examples of digital products for different online stores’ niches:

Name: Ageless Beauty Secrets: Transform your face with face yoga and anti-wrinkle massage techniques
Format: Interactive guide (45 pages) with step-by-step video guides (25 mins total)
Price: $19

Name: Best toy DIY: Easy tutorial for cutest self-made toys
Format: Detailed eBook with supportive video content and photos.
Price: $19

Name: NutriGuide: Personalized Supplement Strategies
Format: Interactive eBook with tailored supplement plans and bonus instructional videos.
Price: $19

Name: Functional Fitness Fundamentals: Workout Plans for Everyday Strength
Format: PDF guide and videos on creating functional fitness routines.
Price: $19

Name: Handmade & Profitable: Marketing Strategies for Artisans
Format: Engaging 50-minute webinar with a detailed PDF blueprint on turning crafts into cash with the right marketing.
Price: $19

Name: Mindful movements: Learn to use yoga blocks correctly
Format: Interactive guide (45 pages) with step-by-step video guides (25 mins total)
Price: $19

Name: Learning Illustration: Step by step easy illustration for DIY holiday cards
Format: Digital book to download and print.
Price: $19

Name: Fashion Trick Collection: Learn different ways to tie your scarf, walk more comfortably in high heels, upgrade your coat
Format: EBook with short instructional videos.
Price: $19

Name: The Complete Styling Guide For Sexy Glamorous Curls.
Format: PDF guide and hands-on video tutorials on achieving perfect curls and waves.
Price: $19

Name: iPhotography: Capturing Magic with Your iPhone
Format: Video series on iPhone photography + editing cheat sheets.
Price: $25

Name: Family Planner Pro: Organizing Your Home Life with Ease
Format: Video series + family planner cheat sheets.
Price: $19

Name: Viniculture Virtuoso: Mastering Wine Appreciation
Format: Video series + essential wine tasting cheat sheets.
Price: $19

Name: Feng Shui Fundamentals: Harmonizing Your Environment
Format: Video journey + room-by-room Feng Shui maps.
Price: $29

Name: Sparkle and Shine: Maintaining and Caring for Your Jewelry
Format: Video guide + care and maintenance cheat sheets.
Price: $15

Name: Family Biking Adventures: Safe and Fun Cycling with Kids in your country
Format: PDF Book + gift: family cycling safety guide.
Price: $15


Creating a digital product is SIMPLE. And once complete, it can create profit for you indefinitely!

👍 Many successful courses are recorded with an iPhone.

👍 30-minutes of content is more than enough.

👍 Use pre-made designs from tools like Canva or Designrr.

👍 No need for long texts; We’ll show you what works best.

Welcome to the new era of online shops!

14-day Hero challenge provides you with a
Step-By-Step Plan to:


How does the challenge work?

One email every day

High profits: creation of digital products is free and also zero costs for each additional unit sold.

Complete tasks daily

Assign tasks each day to maintain steady progress and focus.

Grow your profit

Learn to sell your digital products and see your product grow day by day with no additional costs.

4.97 based on 621 reviews

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4.97 based on 621 reviews


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This challenge is built upon our own experience, we used it to grow our own business and helped our clients do the same! We are so confident in our offer to pay you back every cent if you complete all tasks, follow our instructions and see no growth in sales.

Our expertise

Hello! We’re Aya and Martin, the dynamic duo behind Heroes. Our specialty? Taking online shops to new heights.

Beyond leading an agency, we’re in the trenches too, owning and operating our online store. We’ve mastered the art of boosting profits through digital products and the latest AI innovations. Our store? It’s soared to six-figure success, and we’ve guided numerous other e-commerce entrepreneurs to similar triumphs. In this challenge, we’re unveiling our arsenal of strategies, empowering you to amplify your profits without any upfront investment, no matter your niche.

Embark on the Hero Challenge now and propel your business to extraordinary growth!

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